Gender and Equity

Gender equitable access to education will enable young women to access employment and participate actively in local decision making.

The BHER Learning Centre

The BHER Learning Centre is home to over 400 students during the initial phase of the BHER project.

BHER Video Introduction

Learn more about the BHER Project!

Support BHER Students

The BHER Enabling Fund supports students who have no financial means to participate in the post-secondary programs offered by the BHER Consortium in Dadaab, Kenya.

Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) sees accessible and quality education as an essential opportunity for all youth.

Stories from the Field

Learn more about the experiences of BHER partners, staff and students in the refugee camps of Dadaab, Kenya.

Support BHER Students

Distances from the Dadaab camps to the BHER Learning Centre are considerable and unsafe to be walked, especially for women. Receiving transportation tokens, food chits and hygienic products allows students to attend educational programs that are otherwise inaccessible.

BHER In the News

Explore recent news about the BHER Project, the work of its partners, and the importance of accessibility to education in refugee situations.

BHER Video Introduction

Learn more about the BHER Project through our video introduction. An abridged version of the video is also available.

Our Partners

Thanks to UNHCR contribution toward transportation and food for refugee students coming from the camps of Dagahaley, Hagadera and Ifo, 192 students were able to reach the BHER Learning Centre regularly and attend classes offered in the August 2014 term in the Certificate and Diploma Programs.

The Government of Canada provides funding for this initiative