Master in Interdisciplinary Studies in Contemporany Migration, MSc

The purpose of this programme is to offer a solid scientific, theoretical and applied training aimed at professionals and people responsible for migration management, as well as researchers interested in the social sciences from a socio-demographic, economic, political and ethnographic approach to migration, structured in four areas of specialization arranged in modules (job market, education, health and media), and ending in a module of research projects and social intervention.

The following transverse axes will be developed:

* Study of the spectrum of socio-cultural situations, integration dynamics and acculturalization to which different groups of immigrants are subjected.
* Analysis of problems and specific common social responses derived from the areas mentioned above (job market, education, health and media).
* Review and understanding of particular aspects of migration projects and integration expectations according to gender and generation.
* Evaluation of social and political actions towards immigration from an inter-cultural and socially inclusive approach.

This programme will offer a theoretical update to open new channels leading to deeper research, as well as technical training supported by experience and a global and holistic overview to base and apply strategies of social intervention.

Career opportunities

Migration researchers, immigration analysts, inter-cultural mediators, institutional, public and private administration advising, socio-cultural integration programme participation, development and support for politicians, union leaders, educators, health workers, communicators and other social agents involved in activities related to migration and field work.

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