(English) Catherine Dauvergne

(English) Catherine Dauvergne


Job Title: 
Full Professor
Immigration and Refugee Law
Professor, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia

Australian National University Ph.D. Law, 2000

University of British Columbia LL.B. Law, 1995

Carleton University M.A. Political Science, 1988

Carleton University B.A. Arts, 1987


Canada Research Chair in Migration Law, University of British Columbia



Current Research Projects: 


Completed Research Projects: 

2008 - Law Foundation Illegal Migration Workshop 2008 C $3000 2007 (Catherine Dauvergne)

2007 - UBC – Martha Piper Fund Illegal Migration Research Network C $25,000 (Catherine Dauvergne, Antje Ellerman)

2006 - RIIM (Metropolis/ SSHRC) Racial Profiling Survey C $14,900 (Catherine Dauvergne Zool Sulemen)

2006 - Law Foundation Racial Profiling Pilot Project C $2500 (Catherine Dauvergne, Zool Suleman)

2006-2008 - ARC International Comparative Study of Refugee Decision Making C $220,000 AUD (Jenni Millbank, Catherine Dauvergne)

2005-2008 - SSHRC Exceptional Discretion in Canadian Immigration Law C $49,400 (Catherine Dauvergne)

2003 - Faculty of Law Globalization and Illegal Migration N $5,800 (Catherine Dauvergne)

2003-2004 - St John’s College Challenging Nation Speaker Series C $10,000 (Wes Pue and Catherine Dauvergne)

2003-2005 - Status of Women Canada Understanding the Effects of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act on Women Seeking Asylum C $93,000 (Catherine Dauvergne, Nora Angeles, Erin Baines)

2000-2001 - Legal Scholarship Support Fund of NSW Sexuality and Refugee Status in Australia and Canada C $8,000 (Jenni Millbank, Catherine Dauvergne)

2001 - University of Sydney Migration Laws and Patterns of Globalization C $10,000 (Catherine Dauvergne)

2000 - Legal Scholarship Support Fund of NSW Refugee Status and Sexuality: A Comparative Analysis of Canada and Australia C $8,000 (Catherine Dauvergne, Jenni Millbank)

1999 - University of Sydney Population Laws of the Asia Pacific Region C $13,000 (Catherine Dauvergne )

1999 - Legal Scholarship Support Fund of NSW Population Laws in the Asia Pacific Region C $3,000 (Catherine Dauvergne)

1998 - University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor's Fund for Teaching Excellence C $42,000 (Catherine Dauvergne,
Jenni Millbank, Mark Findlay)

refugee law
immigration law
legal theory
migration studies
transnational law
Areas of Research Expertise: 
curriculum reform
adult learning
jurisprudential engagement with globalization
Phone (work): 
+1 604 822 6506