Forced Migration Archive


An initiative of the Refugee Research Network, and supported by the Centre for Refugee Studies and York University’s Scott Library (Digital Scholarship Infrastructure Department), the Forced Migration Archive was established to promote the Green Open Access option to researchers working in the field of refugee and forced migration studies. Steady increases in the article processing charges (APCs) associated with Gold and Hybrid OA have presented significant challenges to prospective authors who wish to provide open access to their research articles, particularly those who are new to the field and/or who are based in the Global South. The ideal alternative? Depositing postprint versions of journal articles in repositories (the “green route”). Doing so means that authors can continue to publish in their journals of choice without incurring any publication fees.

However, not all authors in this subject area have access to repositories at their own institutions, either because the universities with which they are affiliated have not established one or because they are non-academics working with NGOs, IGOs, or independently. The Forced Migration Archive offers a solution: a space where forced migration authors can quickly deposit their journal articles, and subsequently be assured that their research will be easily located by the wider research community as well as preserved over the long-term.

To learn how to self-archive your work, please follow this link for instructions and access to the submission form. If you are not yet familiar with Open Access, visit X site for an introduction.