Belgium: before the UN Committee against Torture: alleged police ill-treatment

AI expressed concern about the numerous allegations it had received in recent years that law enforcement officers in Belgium have subjected people — a high proportion of them foreign and non-Caucasian Belgian nationals — to physical and psychological ill-treatment, including racist abuse, and have used excessive force.

Belgium: death of Xhevdet Ferri

Amnesty International has written to the Belgian authorities expressing concern about the death of Xhevdet Ferri, an asylum-seeker of Albanian origin, in a cell at Steenokkerzeel Detention Centre 127-bis on 12 October 2000 and allegations that he was subjected to medical neglect and cruel and degrading treatment before he died.

Belgium: the death of Semira Adamu: justice still awaited

This document discusses the case of Semira Adamu, a 20-year-old Nigerian national, who died on 22 September 1998 within hours of an attempt to deport her forcibly from Brussels-National airport. It was alleged that gendarmes who escorted her onto a plane at Brussels-National airport subjected her to verbal abuse and pressed her face against a … Continue reading Belgium: the death of Semira Adamu: justice still awaited

Belgium: correspondence with the government concerning the alleged ill-treatment of detained asylum-seekers

This document is concerned with investigations following the death of Semira Adamu, a Nigerian national who died shortly after an attempt to deport her. It also discusses allegations made by two other asylum-seeking women in Belgium.