Turkmenistan: the clampdown on dissent and religious freedom continues

Includes concerns regarding failed asylum seekers forcibly returned to Turkmenistan.

2004 UN Commission on Human Rights: human rights concerns in addendum on China

Includes, among many other issues, concerns regarding North Korean asylum seekers in China.

Sudan: intimidation and denial: attacks on freedom of expression in Darfur

This report documents the role freedom of expression should play in a successful peace in Sudan

Iraq: in the shadow of war: backlash against human rights

Since the military action by the USA, UK, and their allies began in Iraq on 20 March, a backlash against certain human rights has been witnessed around the world. These include attacks on the rights to freedom of expression and assembly; excessive use of force by police against anti-war demonstrators and restriction of asylum rights. … Continue reading Iraq: in the shadow of war: backlash against human rights

Syria: smothering freedom of expression: the detention of peaceful critics

This report raises the cases of 12 prisoners of conscience who are currently held in Syrian prisons. These include one man forcibly returned to Syria from Germany, following the rejection of his asylum application.

People’s Republic of China: serious human rights violations and the crackdown on dissent continue

Includes concerns regarding the intensification in the crackdown on North Korean asylum seekers in China leading to large-scale deportations of North Koreans, who are likely to face serious human rights violations on return to North Korea.

Republic of Korea (South Korea): summary of Amnesty International’s concerns and recommendations to the government

Includes specific concerns regarding vulnerable groups, among which are migrant workers and asylum-seekers.

APEC: crisis, which crisis?

This paper highlights the impact of the crisis on the freedom of association and expression of workers and activists in four APEC member states namely Korea, Indonesia, China and Malaysia. It argues that securing basic human rights, including labour rights to freely organize and campaign for worker’s economic interests will be integral to economic recovery … Continue reading APEC: crisis, which crisis?

Cuba: dissidents imprisoned or forced into exile

This document discusses Concilio Cubano. Since its establishment in October 1995, dozens of people belonging to member groups had been detained for short periods and threatened with imprisonment on various charges if they did not give up their activities or leave the country. The action against them intensified in the ten days prior to 24 … Continue reading Cuba: dissidents imprisoned or forced into exile