Somalia: urgent need for effective human rights protection under the new transitional government

This report highlights the urgent human rights issues now facing those who will govern Somalia. The report describes the traumatic background of state collapse and persistent patterns of massive human rights abuses and the conclusion of the latest peace talks held in Kenya. Issues of impunity are discussed in respect of war crimes, crimes against … Continue reading Somalia: urgent need for effective human rights protection under the new transitional government

Serbia and Montenegro: a wasted year: the continuing failure to fulfil key human rights commitments made to the Council of Europe

This report includes concerns and recommendations regarding refugees in the region and their safe reture, particularly Roma people.

Sudan: recommendations to donors funding Sudan

Includes recommendations to donors regarding the return of IDPs and refugees in Sudan

Burundi: child soldiers: the challenge of demobilisation

The intention of this document is to reiterate key principles underlying the process of demobilisation and reintegration and to appeal to all parties as well as relevant sectors of the international community to create, manage and support successful demobilisation, disengagement and reintegration of Burundi’s child soldiers.

Liberia: the promises of peace for 21, 000 child soldiers

This document outlines the situation of child soldiers in Liberia, and includes recommendations for the local and international community regarding peace building

Sudan: intimidation and denial: attacks on freedom of expression in Darfur

This report documents the role freedom of expression should play in a successful peace in Sudan

Bosnia-Herzegovina: honouring the ghosts: challenging impunity for disappearances

This document states that disappearances represent perhaps the largest unresolved human rights issue in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The number of victims and their relatives is huge. Virtually no cases have resulted in those responsible having been brought to justice and the trauma of relatives and dependants left behind has not healed. As is the case with other … Continue reading Bosnia-Herzegovina: honouring the ghosts: challenging impunity for disappearances

Liberia: recommendations to the International Reconstruction Conference, New York, 5 and 6 February 2004

Includes a section on refugees, internally displaced persons, and the return process.

Burundi: between hope and fear

This report summarizes key human rights challenges at a complex and critical time for Burundi, reiterating many of the concerns and recommendations expressed in previous Amnesty International reports in relation to the killings of unarmed civilians, torture, ”disappearances”, arbitrary arrests, unfair trials, the death penalty and the rights of the displaced and refugees.

Democratic Republic of Congo: memorandum to the Inter-Congolese dialogue: Amnesty International’s recommendations for a human rights agenda

Amnesty International in this document makes recommendations to the parties expected to take part in the Inter-Congolese Dialogue — talks expected to start towards the end of January 2002 with the aim of resolving the three-year armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.