Syria: smothering freedom of expression: the detention of peaceful critics

This report raises the cases of 12 prisoners of conscience who are currently held in Syrian prisons. These include one man forcibly returned to Syria from Germany, following the rejection of his asylum application.

Egypt: no protection: systematic torture continues.

Amnesty International continues to receive well-documented allegations of torture and ill-treatment from vulnerable people in Egypt.

Thailand: Sok Yoeun, Prisoner of Conscience: open letter to the Prime Minister

This letter is about the continued detention of Sok Yoeun, a Cambodian refugee and prisoner of conscience who has been held by the Royal Thai Government since December 1999.

Libya: forcible repatriation and continued detention of health professional

Amnesty International is concerned about the continued detention of Al-Sayyid Mohammad Shabou, a Libyan physiotherapist aged 34, who was forcibly returned to Libya from Saudi Arabia in May or June 1998 despite having been granted refugee status in the United Kingdom in November 1997.

Concerns in Europe: July – December 1996

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International’s main concerns in Europe between July and December 1996. It includes concerns regarding the treatment of asylum seekers in a number of countries.

Myanmar: a challenge for the international community

This report provides an update on political imprisonment in Myanmar during the first nine months of 1997. It concludes with recommendations to the UN General Assembly and the SLORC.

Republic of Congo: political detainees in legal limbo

This document expresses AI’s concerns regarding the detention without trial of several people in the Republic of Congo, including three asylum seekers from the DRC.

USA Guantánamo: Fate of former detainees

This document includes quotes from former detainees of Guantanamo, and outlines what has happened to them since being released.

Kuwait: three years of unfair trials

This document reports the wide-spread human rights abuses in the Kuwait justice system following the first Iraq war, including the difficulties which those detained unfairly face in gaining recognition from the UNHCR.

Afghanistan: international responsibility for human rights disaster

This report discusses the history of the conflict in Afghanistan, with particular emphasis on the role the international community has played in its escalation, and in the unchecked spread of gross human rights violations. It includes glossary of key terms and names.