BHER In the News


Date   Source/Author Title
November 6, 2013 University Affairs “Training teachers at the world’s largest refugee camp”
October 6, 2013 New York Times “Bringing Universities to Refugee Camps in Kenya”
September 30, 2013 Huffington Post “Education: A Challenge to Terror”
June 19, 2013 Montreal Gazette “Time to raise the bar on refugee education”
June 17, 2013 The Guardian “World Refugee Day: is it time to invest in refugee camps?”
May 24, 2013 Brampton Guardian “Fundraiser will help alleviate plight of refugees”
April 27, 2013 University World News “Foreign universities take education to refugee camps”
April 8, 2013 Metro News “UBC to help train teachers in worlds largest refugee camp”
n.d. “A pioneering program for education in refugee camps”
April 4, 2013 UBC “Teacher ed comes to the world’s largest refugee camp”
 February 15, 2013 Open Equal FreeEducation. Development “Teaching Kenya’s Refugees: Kenyatta University to Open Dadaab Campus”
n.d. YorkU – Faculty of Education “Borderless Higher Education for Refugees”
February 5, 2013 Inside Higher Ed “Initiative Launched to Provide Higher Ed to Refugees”
February 4, 2013 YorkU “York University Receives $6.2 Million From CIDA For MAJOR International Research Projects”
February 4, 2013 YorkU “Borderless Higher Education for Refugees”
January 31, 2013  The Guardian “Kenya’s Dadaab finds innovative ways to educate knowledge-hungry refugees”
October 2012 YorkU Magazine “Profs launch teacher training in refugee camp-to improve education for all”
October 27, 2012 CSM “In world first, biggest refugee camp gets university”
October 15, 2012 The Guardian “Kenya’s Kenyatta University opens its doors to Somali refugees in Dadaab”
October 10, 2012 UNHCR “Top Kenyan university opens campus next to world’s largest refugee camp”
June 8, 2012 Peter Murphy “The BHER Project” – Full Version
June 8, 2012 Peter Murphy “The BHER Project”- Abridged Version

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