Windle Trust Kenya

Dr. Marangu Njogu (Education Consultant)| Email:


Marangu Njogu is the Executive Director for Windle Trust Kenya. He has over 28 years of professional experience in governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of national development and humanitarian work in a range of implementation, senior management, and leadership positions. He is currently responsible for overseeing the implementation of the WTK programs (English Language Program, Scholarship Programme, WUSC Programme and the Teacher Education Programme) in Kenya and management of project personnel to achieve the objectives agreed to in grants and contracts.

Khalif Omar Kobane

KOBANEKhalif Omar Kobane is the BHER Academic Programs Officer. He is based in Dadaab. Khalif has an undergraduate degree in Education and is currently enrolled in an online M.Ed. program at Kenyatta University. Prior to joining the BHER team, Khalif held various work responsibilities in the social sector. In Dadaab refugee camps, he worked as a teacher, helped promote the cause of education for girls and collected data on malnourished children and people with disabilities


Philemon Misoy (Project Liaison)

Philemon Misoy is the BHER Project Liaison Officer based in Dadaab Kenya. He has a Bachelor of Education from Moi University. He has served in the Dadaab Refugee Education Program in various capacities for more than eight years with a focus on Secondary and Tertiary education. Before Joining BHER he served in the position of a Secondary School Principal and Camp Administrator in Hagadera Refugee Camp.

Nickson Rutto

Nickson photoNickson Rutto is the BHER ICT Technician. He is based in Dadaab. Nickson has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computers Science from the University of Eldoret and is also a certified Network Associate (CCNA. Prior to joining the BHER team, Nickson worked as a Computer Technician at Moi University.

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