Nigeria: ten years on: injustice and violence haunt the oil Delta

This report is part of Amnesty International’s worldwide campaign to demonstrate – by showing how companies avoid their responsibilities – the need to establish universally recognised standards applicable to companies.

UNITED KINGDOM: deportations to Algeria at all costs

Amnesty International expresses its profound concern about the United Kingdom (UK) authorities’ attempts to deport more than 15 Algerian men to their country of origin at all costs. The organization considers that these attempts are contrary to the prohibition of sending persons to countries where they face a real risk of serious human rights violations, … Continue reading UNITED KINGDOM: deportations to Algeria at all costs

Japan: open letter to the Minister of Justice of Japan

In this document Amnesty International expresses its deep concern regarding the prolonged detention of minors seeking asylum in Japan.

India: five years on: the bitter and uphill struggle for justice in Gujarat

Five years since the 2002 communal violence in the Western Indian state of Gujarat in which more than 2, 000 people were killed, Amnesty International remains concerned about the ongoing impact of that violence on the Muslim minority in Gujarat. This includes the situation of internally displaced persons in the region.

Greece: out of the spotlight: the rights of foreigners and minorities are still a grey area

This report contains an indicative sample of the cases of alleged human rights violations received by Amnesty International between 2002 and 2005. It focuses on violations affecting marginalized populations in the country, such as migrants and minorities.

Sudan: Darfur: what hope for the future? civilians in need of protection

This report considers five examples of attacks against civilians, in camps, villages or towns, during or since the signing of the Abuja protocols on 9 November 2004.

Women, violence and health

The paper reviews the forms that gender-based violence takes, the contexts in which it occurs and the health consequences of violence against women. The paper ends with some recommendations for action by governments and professional bodies. It includes a table detailing sexual violence and the refugee cycle.

Italy: Lampedusa, the island of Europe’s forgotten promises

This document outlines the situation of asylum seekers and migrants arriving in Lampedusa, and the irregularity of their status determination procedures.

Open letter to the government of the Bahamas regarding the communication to the House of Assembly on the investigation of allegations of abuse and inhumane conditions at the detention centre on Carmichael Road, 8 December 2004

The detention centre in question houses, among others, asylum-seekers and children.

Nepal: a long ignored human rights crisis now on the brink of catastrophe

This report summarizes the findings of an Amnesty International visit to Nepal from 10 to 16 February 2005. The delegation, led by Secretary General Irene Khan, assessed the impact of the state of emergency on a rapidly deteriorating human rights situation, as the people’s war declared by the CPN (Maoist) on 13 February 1996 entered … Continue reading Nepal: a long ignored human rights crisis now on the brink of catastrophe