Social Media Tools for Mobilizing Refugee Research

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The Refugee Research Network (RRN) recognizes the importance of using social media as a tool to disseminate knowledge about refugee and forced migration issues. Social media platforms have the potential of developing, supporting and strengthening diverse communities by spreading awareness about current issues to much broader audiences. The current “refugee crisis” is primarily a political problem, which will require political solutions. And lately, it seems that political leaders have not paid much attention to solid, evidence-based research.  We argue that it is imperative that academics incorporate social media as part of their dissemination program and activities to have impact beyond specialized audiences.


William Payne, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, York University
Michele Millard, Coordinator, Centre for Refugee Studies

William Payne is a doctoral candidate in critical human geography at York University, a graduate research associate at the Centre for Refugee Studies and teaches in the geography department at York University and in the Community Worker Program at George Brown College. Payne’s research examines human rights violations against sexual/gender minorities in Latin American contexts. He has worked as a human rights advocate in Mexico, Colombia, Canada, and Palestine.

Michele Millard, is the coordinator of the Centre for Refugee Studies at York University, and the former Project Coordinator of the Refugee Research Network where she managed the online networking, knowledge mobilization, and dissemination activities of the project. Millard has volunteered for organizations providing settlement, protection, and advocacy services to refugees and refugee claimants for a number of years. She is currently active as a volunteer in the Canadian Sanctuary Network.




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