Are gossipers friends?

“Living without a friend is useless”. This expression can take its meaning being a paradox. It’s a hard nut to chew when picking best friends. Beauty, skin color, origin, teeth, dressing and smile can’t determine the choice of a best friend. This outward ness may develop thorns to fringe you later. I don’t suppose it’s that easy as it’s not easy to study life of an individual in a day.


But who’s a best friend?


To sharpen understanding, they are not them who rush to conclusion of annoying you sooner. Even not them, who help if you’re in need, are best friends. This is because some people befriend you to be praised, spoil you or expose secrets about you. Some people who give with ease gossip with ease. Luck remains for in spite of these problems a gut friend’s got in a day.


What to keep in mind is, if poor, you can’t deny it unless ridiculed. Knowing of this fact can open ways of success rather than pretending. You’ll pretend until you discover you’ve not climbed any ladder. Friend can be assisted as well. Never be thinking your friend’s whom you defend on. Friendship should be mutual. If you’ve yours, you can share to polish life. With gorgeous things, chased after you by force, know that sorrow chases after them as well. Accept presents from people you didn’t know who have let you know what they are up to and who they are or need to be to you.

Once a present’s given by a pretending friend, hatred shows on the face suddenly. This makes you distinguish a hearty gift from a worse one.


Akinda changeable relationship too exists. Here, friendship takes a short length of time. These kinds of friends like new things. If they find new friends, it’s their need. They keep changing from one friend to the other till their world ends not knowing what exactly a friend is. Don’t waste time with them. They disclose secrets, therefore, not well for your health.


Love making too is dangerous geared by jealousy and may wreak havoc. Not all relationships between different gender parties lead to marriage. In my culture, a bride’s boyfriend can be paid a dowry like her brother when she’s married elsewhere. This doesn’t show my culture is the best. A contrast is that forced marriage’s a stuff of my culture. No child is required to disobey parents for it becomes disgrace to the family. The hardest is to get a true Dinka married to a foreigner. Many cultures are alike, others are parallel. One can stick to their culture where it demands to save you.


I was once traveling to South Sudan from Kakuma Refugee Camp. On my arrival, in Lokichoggio, there were no vehicles. The only lorry we got could not make it because it was rushing to evening and in South Sudan, no travels were expected at night. This was my first time to go to Sudan after completing my Secondary Education. I had no place to sleep. In hand I had a friend whom I met when I came to Kakuma from Eldoret, two days before this Journey. “Abraham, where do you spend night?” he asked.

“I don’t know any place,” I replied. This friend took me to his friends where we spent night and proceeded with the journey the following day. Do you need a friend as such?


It looks like it has God’s control. Even when you pronounce the words, “My friend” to describe your various friends, the accent differs. While greeting, a hateful face can be seen not by you. You hug keeping a foe in your arms. A few days back I was cheated to pay a clearance fee in order to receive my compensated fund. I ended up at a loss. If you were, what would you have done? I think it’s frustration. I think about why people think of putting me in problems. If I go wrong, I don’t forget to apologize. While young, if I got something belonging to someone, I had to give it to them. I have developed this way. To let you know, if I forget to give back what’s not mine, it destroys what’s mine. This shows that criminal acts are God forbid. Out there you have many enemies around you, look out! I was cheated with photographs of western union, names, website and emails.

The aftermath of any criminal act means a bullet in the head. You won’t like it.


Dear friends, have a secured life. Neither go for fraud nor enter their traps. Investigate well how you won. Delay the word, “Friend”, it can create friendship. Control your like of what belongs to other people. Don’t be ridden into misdeeds of crimes-drugs and drunkenness. Choose, a mindful personality, whose accent’s yours and hates are yours too. Befriend after a long and successful study. If relatives are harsh, friends are helpful not negligent. This explains why many people live with friends across the globe. Choose them wisely, who keep you in mood.








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