“New writers out of olden ones”

Kwani trust, Kenya hosting the festival to mirror aspects of African writing and literary life between successive literary generations shot the start yesterday.  The festival commenced at two o’clock and ended at eight of the night at Kifaru gardens. Writers among which were Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, Micere Mugo and international writers who turned up for the workshop were conversing. This conference is intended to sharpen the wit of up and coming writers.

In the conversation between Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, Micere Mugo and Wambui Mwangi, a newspaper writer, Tony criticized. “Why are these women telling us boring stories?” he asked. Wambui Mwangi asked why he said so yet his explanations were nagging. As Wambui Mwangi responded, she said clearly that it might be that to him yet another person may enjoy the whole work of art. Obviously, literary appreciation varies from one reader to the other. It’s that hard to make a art piece interesting from the first end to the other. Marjorie also put that selecting of an art work has some points which may make an art work to be left out, not being considered for publication.

The opening was inspiring. Conversations, performance, poetry reading and the music were convincing. Writers who attended must have carried slices of these talents home. As the writers olden, they have the heart of letting teenagers who are interested in writing know how to make it. They are ready to tell what made them good writers. This makes the cycle interesting.
Not only these writers mentioned but many more are present with their new books being sold currently. Like Mukoma Wa Ngugi, Thiong’o’s son and others.
To let you know more there exist a writer too who was a drop out primary School girl who underwent hardship and finally through Kwani Trust became a writer.
This means that practice is the biggest issue to make one a writers, not the level of education. In attendance was a Refugee Journalist from a Refugee camp.
From Yesterday on, the workshop continues…………………………………

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