Two fully-funded DPhil studentships at International Migration Institute

The International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford seeks to award two fully-funded DPhil studentships commencing 1 October 2011
for the ‘Determinants of International Migration’ (DEMIG) research project  (

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DEMIG/ERC DPhil Studentships

The Determinants of International Migration: a theoretical and empirical  assessment of policy, origin and destination effects (DEMIG)

Oxford Department of International Development (QEH), Oxford University

Closing date: 30 September 2010

The International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford seeks  to award two DPhil studentships commencing 1 October 2011 for the  ‘Determinants of International Migration’ (DEMIG) research project.

The DEMIG project addresses the question: how do migration policies of  receiving and sending states affect the size, direction and nature of  international migration?

The DEMIG research project, which is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) through a Starting Grant awarded to Dr Hein de Haas, aims to generate new insights into the way states and policies shape  migration processes in their interaction with other receiving and  sending country migration determinants. This will be done by embedding  the systematic empirical analysis of policy effects into a new,  comprehensive theoretical framework of the macro- and meso-level forces  driving international migration.

The research is built around four theoretical and empirical project

  • Elaboration of a comprehensive theoretical framework on the multi-level forces driving migration processes – by synthesising  separately evolved theories on sending or receiving countries, labour or  non-labour, and ‘voluntary’ and ‘forced’ migration from various  disciplines.
  • Review and categorisation of receiving and sending country migration  policies, enabling an improved operationalisation of contextual and,  particularly, policy variables.
  • Empirical tests of hypotheses derived in parts I and II, applying a  double comparative, longitudinal design enabling simultaneous tests of  the effects of sending and receiving country contextual and policy  effects on migration flows.

Creation of a longitudinal database compiling bilateral (country to  country) migration flow and policy data over the 1950–2010 period.

For further information on DEMIG, see
<> and

Two fully funded DPhil studentships are part of the DEMIG project and  will be assessed following the eligibility criteria found on the  University of Oxford website (  Candidates will be required to submit a research proposal of minimum  three pages that fits within the project’s objective in either of these  two areas:

1. Theoretical contributions to account for the complex interaction of  macro- and meso-level determinants of international migration  (background in social sciences and experience and strong affinity with  migration research and migration theory);

2. Methodological contributions for the measurement of migration  determinants and the quantification of policy effects on aggregate and  bilateral migration flows (background in econometrics or other  quantitative social science discipline).

The main supervisor is Dr Hein de Haas. Once selected for the  scholarship, potential DPhil students will be required to apply to the  DPhil Programme (see at the  Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) by 19 November  2010. Only after acceptance in ODID’s DPhil Programme will the  scholarship be officially awarded to the candidates.

The students will join the DEMIG Research Team at the International  Migration Institute (IMI) at the Oxford Department of International  Development, Oxford University. The DPhil students will be part of the  DEMIG team and are expected participate in all its research activities,  and their DPhil research will be fully integrated into the overall DEMIG  project. IMI is a leading institute that aims to advance the  understanding of the multi-level forces driving current and future  migration processes. ODID’s objective is to conduct high-level research  which advances understanding of the complex economic, social and  political processes of change in countries in the poorer parts of the  world and to educate students to understand these processes in a  multi-disciplinary perspective.

The start date for this studentship is 1 October 2011. By the start of  the studentship, the successful candidate should have satisfied all  necessary requirements and have been accepted in ODID’s DPhil Programme.  Applicants for the doctoral programme should have a master’s degree in a  relevant subject, preferably with distinction, and a first degree in a  social science, normally with first-class honours or a 3.8 GPA or  equivalent

The award is tenable for three years to be used by 30 September 2014 and  it will cover the full cost of the award-holder’s tuition fees and  provide an annual maintenance grant, which in 2010/11 was around £11,700  per academic year.

How to apply

Applicants wishing to be considered should meet all requirements needed  to study at the Oxford Department of International Development. Please  read all details at Please provide the  following documents:

  1. A completed application form (provided with this announcement and available at
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Research proposal
  4. Two separate samples of the applicant’s written work, of about 2,000
    words each (e.g. undergraduate essays)
  5. Three academic references
  6. Transcript(s) or similar detailed official records of the applicant’s academic achievement
  7. For those whose first language is not English, a recent, acceptable  certificate of proficiency in English

All documents should be sent on or before 30 September 2010 to Simona  Vezzoli at or:

Simona Vezzoli
International Migration Institute
Oxford Department of International Development
University of Oxford
3 Mansfield Road
Oxford, OX1 3TB
United Kingdom

Documents b. to e. should be emailed to the above address, the  application form (a.) can be completed, scanned and emailed, while  documents f. (and g. if applicable) must be mailed via regular post.

Further information

Interviews with shortlisted candidates are likely to take place in the  second or third week of October 2010.

For further questions on the application process, administrative or  technical issues, please contact Simona Vezzoli (DEMIG Research  Assistant) at or at +44 (0)1865 281838.

For further details about the DEMIG project and this opportunity, please  contact Dr Hein de Haas at  or +44 (0)1865 281794.

Oxford, UK

International Migration Institute (IMI)
Department of International Development
University of Oxford

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