(English) Mohammad Jalal Abbasi

(English) Mohammad Jalal Abbasi


Job Title: 
Associate Professor

1995 - 1998 PhD Program, Demography Program, RSSS, ANU
1994 - 1995 PhD Bridging Course, Demography Program, RSSS, ANU
1988 - 1991 Master of Arts in Demography, UT, Iran
1983 - 1987 Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Esfahan Uni., Iran

Department of Demography, University of Tehran



2007 - cont. the Asian Population Association

2006 - cont. European Association for Population Studies

2002 - cont. Population Association of Pakistan

2001 Canadian Sociological Association

2000 - cont. Population Association of Iran 2000 Population Association of America

1999 - cont. Iranian Family Planning Association

1998 - cont. International Union for the Scientific Studies of Population (IUSSP). [Nominated for the 2005 Election of the Council members of IUSSP by the nomination committee].

1998 - cont. Australian Population Association 1998 - cont. Iranian Sociological Association

Current Research Projects: 

2007 - 2015  International partner in Creating a Refugee Research Network: Globalizing Knowledge, located at the Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Canada and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), $2.1 million over 7 years

Completed Research Projects: 

2007-2008 Family Planning and Rural Fertility Decline in Iran: A Study in Program Evaluation, funded by Global Development Network, [with Salehi, and Naghavi]

2007-2008 Childbearing, Labor Supply, and Women’s Well being in Old Age in Iran, funded by GERPA, [with M. Hosseini, D. Bishai et all.]

2006-2007 Preparation of country report on the status of international migrants/refugees in Iran, UNFPA and the UNHCR

2006-2007 Second generation of Afghan migrants in Iran, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, 2006 Revision of graduate level curricula in Demography, UNFPA,

2005-2009 Population and Development Strategies, United Nations Population Fund, Tehran, Program grant

2004-2005 Project Grant on Transnational network among Afghans in Iran, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit,

2004-2006 Project Grant on Low Fertility in Iran, Wellcome Trust, with Peter McDonald,

2000-2003 Project Grant on Iran Fertility Transition Survey, Wellcome Trust, with Peter McDonald,

afghan refugees
fertility statistics
reproductive health
population policy
population and education
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Phone (work): 
(98) 21 61117856
Areas of Research Expertise: 
Social Policy