Indonesia/Timor Leste: international responsibility for justice

This briefing provides a short analysis of the parallel justice processes for crimes committed in Timor-Leste during 1999, which are currently in progress in Timor-Leste and Indonesia. It also gives recommendations on next steps that must be taken to overcome the obstacles to delivering the justice to which the people of Timor-Leste are entitled and … Continue reading Indonesia/Timor Leste: international responsibility for justice

Indonesia (East Timor): seize the moment

This document contains the following sections: The agreements- roles and responsabilities Amnesty International’s mission to Indonesia and East Timor Recent Human Rights Developments, including a discussion of the risks faced by IDPs Arrangements for security Human rights abuses by Falintil Conclusions and recommendations Glossary

East Timor: violence erodes prospects for stability

Includes a section on the situation of IDPs in the region

East Timor: the terror continues

This report draws together information available to Amnesty International regarding the human rights violations in East Timor, including eyewitness accounts and interviews with refugees, in an attempt to reconstruct patterns of mass human rights violations, forced displacement and flight, and to assess the continued risks faced by East Timorese people in West Timor and other … Continue reading East Timor: the terror continues

East Timor: as violence descended: testimonies from East Timorese refugees

This document contains accounts from East Timorese refugees — presented in a combination of verbatim testimony and shorter and longer narratives — which represent a small selection of the testimonies gathered by Amnesty International in interviews conducted in Darwin, Australia, in September 1999.

East Timor: Building a new country based on human rights

Includes a section on returning refugees