Nigeria: ten years on: injustice and violence haunt the oil Delta

This report is part of Amnesty International’s worldwide campaign to demonstrate – by showing how companies avoid their responsibilities – the need to establish universally recognised standards applicable to companies.

Sudan: Darfur: what hope for the future? civilians in need of protection

This report considers five examples of attacks against civilians, in camps, villages or towns, during or since the signing of the Abuja protocols on 9 November 2004.

Togo: will history repeat itself?

This report is based on information gathered by an Amnesty International research mission that visited refugee camps in Benin, in May and June 2005. Amnesty International representatives were able to gather testimony from Togolese victims, newly arrived in Benin, who had been wounded or who had lost close relatives in different regions of the country. … Continue reading Togo: will history repeat itself?

Sudan: at the mercy of killers: destruction of villages in Darfur

The satellite imagery used in this report highlights the pattern of destruction of villages in Darfur by the Janjawid and the government-armed forces, which has led to a human rights and humanitarian disaster in the region. Amnesty International has interviewed hundreds of victims who fled from the area, whose testimonies of their own experiences of … Continue reading Sudan: at the mercy of killers: destruction of villages in Darfur

Nigeria: the security situation in Rivers State: an open letter from Amnesty International to Peter Odili, State Governor of Rivers State

This document includes concern regarding the internally displaced persons fleeing violence, their protection and their support.

Sudan: civilians still under threat in Darfur: an agenda for human rights protection

This document is based on interviews with hundreds of displaced people who had recently left Darfur.

Colombia: scarred bodies, hidden crimes: sexual violence against women in the armed conflict

This document lists instances of sexual violence in the armed conflict in Colombia, and the failings of the authorities in providing adequate protection or healthcare for the victims.

Sudan: arming the perpetrators of grave abuses in Darfur

This report identifies the main types and recent transfers of arms to Sudan, and the governments that have allowed them to be sent. It quotes the voices of survivors from Darfur, from whom Amnesty International has taken testimonies and that describe how the Sudanese government forces and their militia allies use such arms for grave … Continue reading Sudan: arming the perpetrators of grave abuses in Darfur

Sudan: oral statement by Amnesty International: the situation of human rights in Africa

This document outlines and condemns the gross human rights violations occurring in Darfur, particlarly sexual violence agains women and young girls.