Iraq: refugees and displaced persons: protection first

Amnesty International calls on all governments, and in particular parties to the conflict and neighbouring states, to give urgent attention to ensuring respect for the rights of Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons, and others fleeing Iraq. They must be given protection and assistance in accordance with international humanitarian, refugee and human rights standards.

Kenya: joint Letter to Hon. Chris Murungaru, Minister of State for Provincial Administration and National Security

A letter regarding the case of Mr Abdel Mohammed Al-Dahas, a 55 year-old refugee from Iraq in police custody at the time of writing, at Kileleshwa Police Station, Nairobi, since 8 October 2001

Turkey: refoulement of non-European refugees: a protection crisis

Amnesty International is gravely concerned about the state of protection for asylum-seekers of non-European origin in Turkey. Under the Turkish regulations regarding refugees, those wishing to seek asylum are required to approach the authorities within five days of arriving in the country. Those who enter the country illegally and who, for whatever reason, fail to … Continue reading Turkey: refoulement of non-European refugees: a protection crisis

Saudi Arabia: unwelcome guests: the plight of Iraqui refugees

This report describes the conditions in Iraqui refugee camps in Saudi Arabia, and expresses great concern at the wide-spread human rights abuses therein.