Freedom from racial discrimination

These appeals include one relating to Karen refugees’ causes of flight, and one relating to abuse of asylum-seekers by Austrian police.

Myanmar: the Kayin (Karen) state: militarization and human rights

In February 1999 Amnesty International delegates interviewed dozens of Karen refugees in Thailand who had fled mostly from Papun, Hpa’an, and Nyaunglebin Districts in the Kayin State in late 1998 and early 1999.

Myanmar: ethnic minority rights under attack

This report focuses on human rights violations against members of ethnic minority groups. These abuses, including extrajudicial executions; ill-treatment in the context of forced portering and labour; and intimidation during forcible relocations occur both in the context of counter-insurgency operations, and in areas where cease-fires hold.

Thailand: erosion of refugee rights

Amnesty International is concerned by the Thai authorities’ violation of international obligations to protect refugees, and fears that it sets an ominous precedent for the future of refugee protection in Thailand. This fear is heightened by reports that the Thai authorities may have plans to return refugees from Myanmar during the upcoming dry season, which … Continue reading Thailand: erosion of refugee rights

Kingdom of Thailand: human rights in transition

Five years after the military’s suppression of the 1992 pro-democracy movement in Thailand, the human rights situation has improved, although change in some important areas is still needed. Includes a discussion of problems related to refoulment of refugees and detention of asylum seekers