Liberia: no impunity for rape: a crime against humanity and a war crime

This document outlines the extent and consequences of sexual violence in Liberia

Women, violence and health

The paper reviews the forms that gender-based violence takes, the contexts in which it occurs and the health consequences of violence against women. The paper ends with some recommendations for action by governments and professional bodies. It includes a table detailing sexual violence and the refugee cycle.

Colombia: scarred bodies, hidden crimes: sexual violence against women in the armed conflict

This document lists instances of sexual violence in the armed conflict in Colombia, and the failings of the authorities in providing adequate protection or healthcare for the victims.

Casualties of war: women’s bodies, women’s lives: stop crimes against women in armed conflict

This briefing paper draws attention to the human rights abuses women suffer in armed conflict. It is based on Amnesty International’s research in dozens of countries and expert analysis by other individuals and organizations. Amnesty International has campaigned for many years to end unlawful killings, torture (including sexual violence) and other abuses that devastate the … Continue reading Casualties of war: women’s bodies, women’s lives: stop crimes against women in armed conflict

United States of America: imminent deportations threaten to undermine integrity of investigation into abuses at Krome

Two female detainees allegedly abused by officers at the Krome Service Processing Center are facing imminent deportation despite the ongoing and, as yet, incomplete investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and harassment at Krome

Myanmar: torture of ethnic minority women

Amnesty International has documented serious human rights violations by the tatmadaw: extra-judicial executions, ”disappearances, ” torture and cruel treatment of ethnic minority civilians, including the rape and sexual abuse of women.

United States of America: breaking the chain: the human rights of women prisoners

Includes an overview of the detention of female asylum-seekers