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The Refugee Research Network (RRN) engages in collaborative knowledge mobilization activities to increase the awareness and impact of research being produced in refugees and forced migration studies. We will be holding a series of online discussions that address issues raised during various events (conferences, workshops, symposia) in a more in depth way than is traditionally available through the time constraints of a panel format and Q&A’s.

While traditional outputs (presentations, reports, edited volumes, books) are well established, we thought it would be productive to consider the content produced in ways relevant to non-academic audiences (policy makers, practitioners, interested community members).  Disseminating the information through more informal routes and in a more conversational tone will hopefully allow for more engagement with those who do not normally read full research papers. For example, we’ve been told many times by policy makers that anything longer than 2 pages just won’t be read, so if we can disseminate content in short bursts, through daily entries in the forums, perhaps it could increase the impact of the scholarship being presented.

We invite you to participate! The discussions will generally take place over two week periods, throughout the year.  They will be moderated, and at the end, the “threads” will be collected, edited and published as an e-pub document as part of a larger “e-Symposium” and posted on various partner sites, including in the RRN repository. It will be easily available online to all, and will provide a quick snapshot of current thinking about particular themes and issues.

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