Intercultural Institute of Montreal – Montreal, Canada


The Intercultural Institute of Montreal is a non-profit research and social action organization, dedicated to promoting an ever-deepening understanding of cultural pluralism, intercultural relations and social change. Its scope is local, national, and international. Its programs include:

• Research-action on pluralism and interculturalism.
• Action towards the strengthening of grassroots social spaces and the reclaiming of people’s commons (reinforcing civil society).
• Advocacy of people’s rights to cultural identity with a special focus on aboriginal and first nations.
• Cultural studies on and advocacy of the knowledge systems of peoples, cultures and communities in the following area : health and healing, education, agriculture and food, economy and sustenance, environment and ecology, politics and social movements (e.g., human rights, women’s movements, etc.) and spirituality.
• Intercultural teaching and training for alternatives addressed to: educators and teachers; social and health-care professionals; community workers and activists; agents for international development and co-operation.
• Production and providing of intercultural resource materials: publishing a journal (InterCulture), monographs and “manuals”; providing audio-visual resources; offering a fully-equipped library and documentation services.
• Offering intercultural referral and consultation services.

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