PhD Forced Migration

The PhD in Forced Migration Studies is by research alone and generally requires no course work. Successful doctoral applicants must have a strong under-graduate degree and masters qualification, a substantive background in a forced migration-related field, and a demonstrated ability to conduct methodologically sound, independent research (academic or otherwise). Strong students who do not meet all of these qualifications may be admitted on the condition that they register for a research methods course and/or the core course. All new doctoral students are encouraged to participate in the Masters level research methods seminar taught in conjunction with the programme’s core course.

FMSP doctoral students are supervised by a thesis committee consisting of a primary supervisor and at least one other advisor capable of offering coverage of relevant areas. Doctoral students wishing to pursue their degrees within the FMSP must register in the Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Upon acceptance, Doctoral students may register at any time.

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