Jennifer Hyndman

Jennifer Hyndman

Job Title: 
Full Professor

Ph.D. Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 1996.

M.A. Sociology, Lancaster University, Lancaster, U.K., December 1989.

B.A. Sociology & English, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. June 1988.

Centre for Refugee Studies, York University



Member – Canadian Association of Geographers
Member – American Association of Geographers
Member − International Association for the Study of Forced Migration

Current Research Projects: 

2008 “Refugees from Protracted Situations to British Colombia”, Metropolis/SSHRC grant, P.I. J. Hyndman with co-investigator, A. Mountz: $23k over 2 years.
2008 “Creating a Refugee Research Network: Globalizing Knowledge”, SSHRC Cluster Grant, S. McGrath P.I., York University, J. Hyndman, one of several co-applicants across Canada: $2.1 million over 7 years.
2006 “Post-tsunami Reconstruction in Contexts of War”, International Development Research Council. M. de Alwis, P.I. at ICES, Colombo for US$310K
2006 “Governance, peace, and the geopolitics of tsunami reconstruction in Sri Lanka and Indonesia,” SSHRC Standard Grant, J. Hyndman (JH) P.I. for $89K.
2005 “The Globalization of Homelessness in Long-term Refugee Camps”, co-applicant on SSHRC grant with W. Giles (York U) as P.I. (Hyndman co-ap) for $163K.

Completed Research Projects: 

2005 “Mapping and assessing settlement in Vancouver of Acehnese Refugees”, Metropolis/SSHRC Standard Grant, P.I. JH with co-investigator C. Friesen.
2004 “Housing and homelessness among recent immigrants in the Lower Mainland”, Metropolis/SSHRC Standard Grant, P.I. JH with co-investigator N. Schuurman.
2002 "Social cohesion and international migration in a globalizing era: transnational solidarities and newcomer incorporation in Canada", SSHRC 'Social Cohesion in a Globalizing Era' strategic grant, JH co-investigator; M. Lanphier P.I
2002 “Linking Aid and Security: Implications for Countries in Conflict”, SSHRC Standard Grant, P.I. JH.
2002 "Non-Metropolitan Settlement Among Kosovar Refugees in British Columbia," funded by Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis (RIIM) with SSHRC, P.I. JH.

Phone (work): 
1 (778) 782-5464
Geographical Locations:
British Columbia
Sri Lanka
former Yugoslavia
Areas of Research Expertise: 
Capacity Building
05.04: resettlement
gender groups
protracted refugee situations
refugee aid and development
human security
social cohesion