Myanmar: torture of ethnic minority women

Amnesty International has documented serious human rights violations by the tatmadaw: extra-judicial executions, ”disappearances, ” torture and cruel treatment of ethnic minority civilians, including the rape and sexual abuse of women.

Racism and the administration of justice

This report illustrates how racial discrimination in the administration of justice systematically denies certain people their human rights because of their colour, race, ethnicity, descent (including caste) or national origin. Based on research conducted by Amnesty International in recent years, it shows that members of ethnic minorities often suffer torture, ill-treatment and harassment at the … Continue reading Racism and the administration of justice

Iraq: victims of systematic repression

This report addresses the range of Amnesty International concerns about human rights violations committed in Iraq in recent years, including arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, the death penalty, possible extrajudicial executions and forcible expulsion of non-Arabs.

Russian Federation (Chechnya): for the motherland: reported grave breaches of international humanitarian law: persecution of ethnic Chechens in Moscow

Amnesty International is concerned that the way in which the Russian forces are waging war in Chechnya and the discriminatory manner in which Chechens have been targeted by the authorities in Moscow, suggest that the government has been involved in a campaign to punish an entire ethnic group.

January 2000 Newsletter

Includes a number of concerns regarding Colombian IDPs, Palestinian displaced persons and Burundian regroupment camps.