Creative Commons, Open Access and the RRN

At the bottom of every page on the RRN website you’ll now see something slightly different. Instead of the usual “Copyright 2009, All Right Reserved” is a notice that the original content of the RRN website is released for copying under a Creative CommonsAttribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike” license. This is an opening of the RRN site’s copyright restrictions, that now allow anyone to copy material from the site as long as:

  • The original author and source of the work is maintained
  • The material cannot be resold for commercial gain
  • Any modifications to the original must be freely shared and marked

These changes are open for public discussion; we’d like to hear from people who contribute to the RRN site or are planning to. It is the author’s right to define the way their work is re-distributed; any author can choose an approach different from the site-wide proposed RRN policy. For more information on alternate distribution licenses please see the excellent Creative Commons explanation and tools. Or feel free to contact me for for any specific questions.

– Evan


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