Detention and Asylum Cluster


The cluster brings together scholars, practitioners, and policy people interested in the practice of detention as it relates to asylum seekers and refugees. Our primary aims are to consolidate and broadcast studies of detention and their findings, and to deepen our understanding of detention and asylum both academically and in practice worldwide. Our location in Canada indicates a Canadian emphasis or angle in some of the research presented.



Core faculty members

  • Jennifer HyndmanDirector, Centre for Refugee Studies, York UniversityProfessor, Departments of Social Science and Geography, York
  • Janet ClevelandPsychologist and researcher, Transcultural Research and Intervention Team, Division of Social and Cultural Psychiatry, McGill
  • Alison MountzAssociate Professor, GeographyCanada Research Chair in Global Migration, Wilfrid Laurier
  • Delphine NakacheProfessor, School of International Development and Global Studies (SIGDS), University of
  • Galya RufferDirector, International StudiesFounding Director, Center for Forced Migration Studies, Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies, Northwestern
  • Stephanie J. SilvermanCourse Coordinator, Centre for Ethics, University of

Core student members


Research Projects

Project 1: Detention and Asylum Research Cluster Website

PhD Student Research

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Related Research

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Publications and Research Resources

Silverman, S.J. Detention in Canada. Report, Autumn 2013.

Key Academic Research on Detention and Asylum, Autumn 2013.

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