Environmental Displacement Cluster


The Environmental Displacement Cluster of the RRN focuses on research in two key areas: Environmentally-Induced Displacement and Nature-Society Relations in and of International Borders. The Refugee Research Network (RRN) has provided generous support to the Cluster on Environmental Displacement, which has allowed us to pursue two related projects: one on Environmentally‐Induced Displacement (EID) and the other on Nature‐Society Relations in and of International Borders. The core goals of both projects are:
  1. to promote networking opportunities around these issues;
  2. to contribute to the development of knowledge on these issues that is useful to the larger RRN and to studies within these areas more broadly; and,
  3. to develop opportunities for graduate students, including workshop organizing, networking with other scholars across different universities and geographical locations (including the Global South), and presenting and publishing their own original research findings on these topics.


Core faculty members

  • Elizabeth (Libby) Lunstrum
    Associate Professor, Department of Geography, York University
  •  Anna Zalik
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
  • Pablo Bose
    Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Vermont

Core student members

  • Ryan Hackett
    PhD candidate, Department of Geography, York University
  • Francis Massé
    PhD student, Department of Geography, York University



Project 1: Environmentally‐Induced Displacement (EID) 

Project 2: Nature-Society Relations in and of International Borders


PhD Student Research

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Related Research

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Publications and Research Resources

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  • Annotated bibliography on relations between military activity and the environment.


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