A lad detests referendum to reserve heavenly kingdom

An anonymous lad has detested referendum to reserve a position in the heavenly kingdom. Inflated with fear he based his argument on two scriptures; Jeremiah 10:23 and Daniel 2:44 in the Bible.
«In Jeremiah, it’s stated that man has no right to direct his steps,» he explained. «Divine leadership’ll crash an earthly one.»
In addition, Daniel has written God’d set a kingdom which will overshadow the existing kingdom which he thought’d be Southern Sudanese’s in near future. For this he could not lose eternal life with this misconception.

He said he will not take side even after referendum. «Because of atrocities which perpetuate, why can’t they (Southern Sudanese) be a government?» he gave his opinion. His imagery’s that North and South are like water and oil which can’t mix freely. Not only him refused registration but also Anyuak and Nuer from Ethiopia.

In contact with Sudanese chairmen, Equatoria chairman interrogated. «Why do you investigate me like that?» he muffled on phone. «Come to my home, we talk it over secretly. Keep it in pocket brother,» he repeated severally. Minority like Anyuak has a single choice. «My people’re registered all because they need freedom,» boasted Ogwang, Anyuak’s chairman in Kakuma.

As viewed, repatriation’s likely to be declared if referendum favours Southern Sudanese in any way. Exhibition day’s scheduled for sixth January, 2011 and referendum a week and a day away. Here the dilemma is whether the vote of a person who dies before January ninth will be cast or not!
Lam of South Sudan Referendum Commission(SSRC) in Nairobi came with a round off answer. «Of course the name,» he answered to, if they can identify the card of a deceased.

For sure, is Southern Sudan good to support weak people supported by UNHCR?

Awan who’s a Dinka chairman who recently came from Sudan said no!
«In Sudan many people passed away due to lack of medical facilities as well as lack of knowledge to care for the aged,» he evidenced. «Children who were schooling in Kakuma after repatriation died, others became conductors to call passengers into vehicles all below eighteen years.» This leader, advanced that Southern Sudanese anticipated government’s support, they didn’t get back home. Once these people’re taken back suffering reiterates.

These’ve orphans, widows and widowers too who are savages. Their last job of cultivation’s neither commercial nor subsistence nowadays. In Southern Sudan currently one can’t harvest three sacks of their land’s bearings unlike previous years when they filled granaries. Surety’s their constant infiltration into refugee camps in spite of any outcome of referendum. A friend in Southern Sudan told me on the facebook chatting,»Life’s half good here. It’s just how the day presents itself.»
This may perpetuate no wonder what a long wait! Even God created the world in days not a day-with time, it gets fine.

Nhial-Nuer’s chairman too assured me that they will manage to let the ongoing ration cards verification continue as not affected by referendum. The like of some Southern Sudanese is that it’s better others have refused registration in lieu of casting votes of greed to overshadow theirs. Nhial and Awan’ll be available in referendum centers instructing people to vote not for a specific choice.

The security outside UNHCR’s compound-2 joked that they wanted an email from me to contact Dr. Qassim. «Do you know Dr. Qassim’s the head of sub-office? It takes steps to get him,» joked a guard. «Better you’re big, but a small person like you?»
«An ordinary person like me,» said another from the General Service Unit(GSU). Unfortunately the phone call was unanswered so I took back a message that all had gone on holidays and never returned yet.

Frankly I can’t tell the number of voters in Kakuma Refugee Camp.
We should keep on asking:
Will Southern Sudanese without bias engulf their dream?


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