Gender & Equity in the Context of Forced Migration


  • Expand the network of scholars, policy makers and service providers within gender and forced migration sectors, including the members of the BHER Project;
  • Expand the annotated bibliography beyond the scope of LGBT and asylum issues, and into subjects of gender and forced migration;
  • Open a Discussion Research Forum on the Refugee Research Network website. The aim of the forum is to engage the RRN community and others interested in issues of gender, equity and forced migration, and those living in refugee camps in a discussion pertaining to discrimination against and security for those living in refugee camps.

Expected Outcomes

  • A vibrant and engaged network within the Gender & Sexuality Cluster;
  • An annotated bibliography that encapsulates issues of gender and forced migration;
  • A comprehensive Discrimination and Gender-Sensitive Security Policy.

Conference Organization and Participation

  • Partnership Meeting, Borderless Higher Education for Refugees Project, June 2014, York University;
  • Workshop, Orientation for Course Directors from Kenyatta University, Moi University, York University, and University of British Columbia who will working for the BHER Project, July 2014, Nairobi, Kenya;
  • BHER Gender and Equity Committee’s panel on gender, Centre for Refugee Studies Seminar Series, fall 2014.

Proposed Publications

  • Annotated bibliography on Gender and Forced Migration (anticipated release date May 2014).

Related Projects and Networks