Afghanistan: out of sight, out of mind: the fate of the Afghan returnees

This report focuses on the situation of returnees in Afghanistan, and their situation before returning.

Afghanistan: continuing need for protection and standards for return of Afghan refugees

Amnesty International has serious concerns about the situation in Afghanistan. Insecurity, including ongoing areas of conflict, crime and banditry, factional fighting between warlords, human rights abuses of women, the presence of landmines and unexploded ordinance, and the continued bombing campaign by US led coalition forces, all present clear dangers to returning refugees.

Afghanistan: Amnesty International’s recommendations regarding refugee returns

Amnesty International continues to be concerned that the situation in Afghanistan is not conducive for the promotion of voluntary repatriation. The organization is further concerned that, in the rush to negotiate agreements for the return of Afghan refugees and asylum seekers, states are not paying due attention to the fact that voluntary repatriation is one … Continue reading Afghanistan: Amnesty International’s recommendations regarding refugee returns

Afghanistan: protect Afghan civilians and refugees

In light of the military strikes launched by the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK) against targets in Afghanistan, their forces and their Taleban opponents must ensure full respect for human rights and the rules and principles governing international armed conflicts.

Afghanistan: making human rights the agenda

Includes an overview of the background to the conflict in Afghanistan, detailing past human rights abuses, and AI’s recommendations for moving forward. Includes recommendations regarding refugees and IDPs.

Afghanistan: refugees from Afghanistan: the world’s largest single refugee group

Two decades of civil war and serious human rights abuses have forced millions of Afghan men, women and children to flee their homes and seek refuge in other parts of Afghanistan or outside the country. Since the armed conflict began after the Soviet invasion in 1979, civilians – women and children in particular – have … Continue reading Afghanistan: refugees from Afghanistan: the world’s largest single refugee group

Afghanistan: political crisis and the refugee

This document expresses Amnesty International’s concern in 1993 that hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers in Europe, North America and other countries may be subjected to deportation to Afghanistan where they could risk serious human rights violations. It outlines the risk of refoulment, particularly for educated women, academics, members of religious and ethnic minorities, former government … Continue reading Afghanistan: political crisis and the refugee

Afghanistan: the human rights crisis and the refugees

This report warns against Afghan asylum-seekers being returned to Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran, due to the high risk of refoulment. It provides a historical background, and an overview of conditions in Afghanistan.

Women in Afghanistan: a human rights catastrophe

This document reports the endemic human rights abuses perpetrated on women in Afghanistan. It is based on in depth interviews with recently arrived refugees in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Afghanistan: international responsibility for human rights disaster

This report discusses the history of the conflict in Afghanistan, with particular emphasis on the role the international community has played in its escalation, and in the unchecked spread of gross human rights violations. It includes glossary of key terms and names.