Burundi: child soldiers: the challenge of demobilisation

The intention of this document is to reiterate key principles underlying the process of demobilisation and reintegration and to appeal to all parties as well as relevant sectors of the international community to create, manage and support successful demobilisation, disengagement and reintegration of Burundi’s child soldiers.

Liberia: the promises of peace for 21, 000 child soldiers

This document outlines the situation of child soldiers in Liberia, and includes recommendations for the local and international community regarding peace building

Burundi: poverty, isolation and Ill-treatment: juvenile justice in Burundi

Includes particular concerns for refugee and internally displaced children

Democratic Republic of Congo: memorandum to the Inter-Congolese dialogue: Amnesty International’s recommendations for a human rights agenda

Amnesty International in this document makes recommendations to the parties expected to take part in the Inter-Congolese Dialogue — talks expected to start towards the end of January 2002 with the aim of resolving the three-year armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Afghanistan: making human rights the agenda

Includes an overview of the background to the conflict in Afghanistan, detailing past human rights abuses, and AI’s recommendations for moving forward. Includes recommendations regarding refugees and IDPs.

Children’s rights: the future starts here

This document is an overview of the 1959 UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child, and of Amnesty’s work for children, including refugee children.

Angola/Namibia: human rights abuses in the border area

Since December 1999 reports of human rights violations and abuses along the border between Angola and Namibia have markedly increased. Amnesty International researchers visited Namibia, including the Kavango region, for two weeks in January and February 2000. This report includes their findings.

Uganda: ”breaking God’s commands”: the destruction of childhood by the Lord’s Resistance Army

This report is a call to recognize what is happening to a generation of northern Ugandan children from Gulu, Kitgum and neighbouring districts. It is estimated that since 1995 between five and eight thousand children, most from the Acholi people, have been abducted by the LRA and forced to become child soldiers.