Guinea: maintaining order with contempt for the right to life

In Guinea, maintaining public order takes precedence over respect for the most fundamental of human rights guaranteed by the Guinean Constitution and all the standards of international law, namely respect for the right to life and the physical integrity of human beings. The recurrent nature of this excessive use of force and the impunity enjoyed … Continue reading Guinea: maintaining order with contempt for the right to life

Chad: the Habré legacy

This document highlights the extent of human rights violations committed under the Habré government (1982-1990), based on information published by Amnesty International at that time, and is intended to strengthen the campaign to end the impunity for the crimes committed in Chad. The document demonstrates the serious and widespread nature of violations committed under Hissein … Continue reading Chad: the Habré legacy

West Africa: Guinea and Sierra Leone: no place of refuge

In late May 2001 United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Kofi Annan described the situation in the Mano River Union countries of West Africa as ”one of the most serious humanitarian and political crises facing the international community today”. After more than a decade of armed conflict and human rights abuses there are more than one million … Continue reading West Africa: Guinea and Sierra Leone: no place of refuge

Rwanda: civilians trapped in armed conflict: the dead can no longer be counted

Throughout October, November and early December 1997, Amnesty International received almost daily reports of killings of unarmed civilians in Rwanda, in particular extrajudicial executions by soldiers of the Rwandese Patriotic Army (RPA) and deliberate and arbitrary killings by armed opposition groups. Examples of particularly grave abuses by both sides are included in the present report.

Angola: extrajudicial executions and torture in Cabinda

Includes reports of Angolan troops in the Republic of Congo carrying out raids on camps holding Cabindan refugees.

Guatemala: appeals against impunity: one year on

Includes a report on the ongoing trial for the Xamán massacre of a group of returnees, and on the trial for Myrna Mack’s murder.

Croatia: impunity for killings after Storm

This document discusses human rights abuses in Krajina in 1995, and their ensuing impunity.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Kosovo): after tragedy, justice?

This booklet reviews the decade of torture and ill-treatment, disappearance and death in Kosovo province that precipitated today’s humanitarian tragedy, and presents the findings of Amnesty International’s latest research. It also contains a set of recommendations to all parties and lets you know what you can do to help.

Indonesia (East Timor): seize the moment

This document contains the following sections: The agreements- roles and responsabilities Amnesty International’s mission to Indonesia and East Timor Recent Human Rights Developments, including a discussion of the risks faced by IDPs Arrangements for security Human rights abuses by Falintil Conclusions and recommendations Glossary