Undocumentary: the reality of undocumented migrants in Europe

Web documentary on the daily realities faced by undocumented migrants living in Europe. Main site: Video:

Greece: out of the spotlight: the rights of foreigners and minorities are still a grey area

This report contains an indicative sample of the cases of alleged human rights violations received by Amnesty International between 2002 and 2005. It focuses on violations affecting marginalized populations in the country, such as migrants and minorities.

More resources for human rights: a ten-point program for the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union

Includes a number of concerns regarding asylum.

Council of Europe: preliminary observations on the December 2004 Draft European Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism

Includes a number of concerns regarding asylum.

Summit of the Americas: our call for human rights: a message from Amnesty International members in advance of the Fourth Summit of the Americas

Includes a section on the rights of refugees and migrants in the region

Rights on the move: refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants and the internally displaced

This is a brief overview on the rights of displaced people and migrants.

Open letter: on the occasion of the EU Summit 4-5 November 2004 adopting the Hague Programme strengthening freedom, security and justice in the EU

Includes numerous concerns regarding asylum and immigration, and the danger of refoulement.

Amnesty International statement to the 88th Session of the Governing Council of the International Organization for Migration (IOM): 30 November – 3 December 2004

Includes particular concerns regarding irregular migrants

Refugees: rights wherever you are

This is a brief informational pamphlet on refugees and their rights.