“Towards a Feminist Geopolitics”

The intersections and conversations between feminist geography and political geography have been surprisingly few. The notion of a feminist geopolitics remains undeveloped in geography. This paper aims to create a theoretical and practical space in which to articulate a feminist geopolitics. Feminist geopolitics is not an alternative theory of geopolitics, nor the ushering in of … Continue reading “Towards a Feminist Geopolitics”

Forced Migration Review 35: Disability and displacement

The English edition of FMR 35, with a major feature on Disability and displacement, is now online at This latest issue includes 27 articles focusing on disability and displacement, including an introduction by Shuaib Chalklen, Special Rapporteur for Disability. These articles illustrate why disabled people who are displaced need particular consideration, and highlight some … Continue reading Forced Migration Review 35: Disability and displacement