“Feminist Geopolitics Revisited: Body Counts in Iraq”

Feminist geography and political geography still represent two solitudes within the discipline. While increased traffic between these different parts of the discipline points to a degree of intellectual engagement, there remains a paucity of feminist thought in political geography. This article examines recent scholarship on feminist political geography, with a view to applying its insights … Continue reading “Feminist Geopolitics Revisited: Body Counts in Iraq”

“Towards a Feminist Geopolitics”

The intersections and conversations between feminist geography and political geography have been surprisingly few. The notion of a feminist geopolitics remains undeveloped in geography. This paper aims to create a theoretical and practical space in which to articulate a feminist geopolitics. Feminist geopolitics is not an alternative theory of geopolitics, nor the ushering in of … Continue reading “Towards a Feminist Geopolitics”