Racism and Oppression in Settlement – Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography/ Bibliographie annotée Racism and Oppression in Settlement/ Le racisme et l’oppression et les services d’accueil Prepared for CCR workshop participants of/ Préparé pour les participants à Identifying and confronting systemic racism in newcomer settlement/ Identifier et contrer le racisme systémique dans le processus d’accueil Prepared by/ Préparé par Dina Taha, Billy Ilunga Kalenga, … Continue reading Racism and Oppression in Settlement – Annotated Bibliography

Greece: out of the spotlight: the rights of foreigners and minorities are still a grey area

This report contains an indicative sample of the cases of alleged human rights violations received by Amnesty International between 2002 and 2005. It focuses on violations affecting marginalized populations in the country, such as migrants and minorities.

Spain: crisis of identity: race-related torture and ill-treatment by state agents

This report attempts to examine some of the concerns regarding torture and other ill-treatment which bear directly on the immigrant or ethnic minority population in Spain, and proposes a series of recommendations

Racism and the administration of justice

This report illustrates how racial discrimination in the administration of justice systematically denies certain people their human rights because of their colour, race, ethnicity, descent (including caste) or national origin. Based on research conducted by Amnesty International in recent years, it shows that members of ethnic minorities often suffer torture, ill-treatment and harassment at the … Continue reading Racism and the administration of justice