Liberia: no impunity for rape: a crime against humanity and a war crime

This document outlines the extent and consequences of sexual violence in Liberia

Sudan: Amnesty International’s recommendations on the deployment of a United Nations peace support operation

This document, written on the deployment of a United Nations peace support operation in the Sudan, sets out specific recommendations on the new mission’s human rights component, the protection of women and children, impunity, protection of civilians, refugees and the internally displaced, and arms control and collection.

Sudan: recommendations to donors funding Sudan

Includes recommendations to donors regarding the return of IDPs and refugees in Sudan

No turning back: full implementation of women’s human rights now! 10 year review and appraisal of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

Includes concerns regarding the human rights of refugee and displaced women

Women, violence and health

The paper reviews the forms that gender-based violence takes, the contexts in which it occurs and the health consequences of violence against women. The paper ends with some recommendations for action by governments and professional bodies. It includes a table detailing sexual violence and the refugee cycle.

Summit of the Americas: our call for human rights: a message from Amnesty International members in advance of the Fourth Summit of the Americas

Includes a section on the rights of refugees and migrants in the region

2004 UN Commission on the Status of Women: violence against women: universal but not inevitable!

Includes a section on refugee and asylum-seeking women

Sudan: Darfur: rape as a weapon of war: sexual violence and its consequences

This document reports on sexual violence against women in Darfur

Sudan: surviving rape in Darfur

This brief document reports on sexual violence against women in Darfur, and is aimed at the general public as a call to action.

Colombia: scarred bodies, hidden crimes: sexual violence against women in the armed conflict

This document lists instances of sexual violence in the armed conflict in Colombia, and the failings of the authorities in providing adequate protection or healthcare for the victims.