Latest Developments at DePaul’s Refugee and Forced Migration Program

The Refugee and Forced Migration Studies program at DePaul University has been making contact with several NGOs in Chicago to establish intern partnerships for incoming students. We have met with Heartland Alliance’s Human Care office in Chicago as well as the Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago. They were as excited as we were to start planning how students will be trained, where they will work, and what capacities they will fill should they choose to intern at that organization. We also have appointments set up with GirlForward, RefugeeOne, and The American Red Cross of Chicago.

In addition, we have begun to construct our Curriculum Committee. The Committee comprised of faculty and staff from various different departments and offices within the University, will function to plan and develop the Curriculum with our director, Dr. Shailja Sharma. Already, we have received notice from members of the History department, the School of Law, the School of Business, and the Steans Center for Community-Based Service Learning. All of them are looking forward to helping build what is shaping up to be an excellent program.

We can’t wait to begin classes in the Fall!

If you are someone who is interested in pursuing a Master’s of Science in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at DePaul, feel free to get into contact with Dr. Sharma at (link sends e-mail) or visit our web page here.

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