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Are you working on issues relating to global refugee policy? Are you interested in sharing this research with others and being in touch with others working on similar issues in different contexts? Post a comment here with a brief description of your work and how other researchers can contact you.

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  1. Hello world ! I am interested in ethnographic approaches of global refuge policy, which examine the concrete processes, the localized networks of actors and the legitimacies at play in the making of “global” refugee norms and policies. More specifically, I am interested in research looking at how multiple trans-insitutional epistemic communities influence the making of global refugee policy within UNHCR, and the different arenas (formal and informal) in which these processes take place. I would also be happy to be in touch with anyone looking at the concrete ways in which UNHCR operates to continually enroll State actors around its policies and norms in an attempt to “anchor” the latter in specific national and political contexts and make them more acceptable. You can contact me at ! Thanks !!

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