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How to Write a Policy Brief

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How to Make Effective Presentations

Examples of Migration Policy Briefs

Christina Boswell, with Thomas Straubhaar, “Does Germany Need Labour Migration?“, focusMigration (Hamburg: 2005). 

Christina Boswell, “Migration in Europe“, Paper Prepared for the Global Commission on International Migration (Geneva: 2005).

Christina Boswell, “Knowledge Transfer and Migration Policy Making“, Special Lecture on Migration (Geneva: International Institute for Labour Studies, October 2004).

Tim Elrick, “ Networks and their influence on migration policy. Conclusions from the Spanish-Romanian migration space“, focusMigration (Hamburg: 2008).

IDRC Toolkit for Researchers

IDRC’s Communication division is providing tools to help employees at IDRC, as well as partners better achieve their communication objectives. It includes six components:

Practice Manuals

Earl. S., Carden. F., & Smutylo. T. (2001) Outcome Mapping: Building learning and reflection into development programs. IDRC. Ottawa: Sage

Lusthaus. C., Adrien. M-H., Anderson. G., Carden. F., & Montalván. G.P. (2002) Organizational Assessment, A Framework for Improving Performance. IDRC. Ottawa: Sage

Venture for Fundraising (2010) Resource Mobilization: A Practical Guide for Research and Community-Based Organizations. IDRC. Ottawa: Sage

Chevalier. J. M., & Buckles. D.J (2008) SAS²: A Guide to Collaborative Inquiry and Social Engagement. IDRC. Ottawa: Sage

Bennett G., & Jessani N. (2011) The Knowledge Translation Toolkit Bridging the Know-Do Gap: A Resource for Researchers. IDRC. Ottawa: Sage

Grenier, L. (1998) Working with Indigenous Knowledge: A guide for researchers. IDRC. Ottawa: Sage

Barker, Alan., & Manji, F. (2000) Writing for Change: An Interactive Guide to Effective Writing, Writing for Science, and Writing for Advocacy

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