Definir la migracio?n por motivos medioambientales

Todos los estudios sobre el tema contienen expresiones y conceptos como ‘migración por motivos medioambientales’, ‘migración inducida por el cambio climático’, ‘refugiados medioambientales’ o ‘ecológicos’, ‘migrantes debido al cambio climático’ y ‘migrantes forzados por motivos medioambientales’. El principal motivo de la falta de definición sobre la migración causada por la degradación o el cambio medioambiental … Continue reading Definir la migracio?n por motivos medioambientales

UNHCR and response to statelessness

Manly, M. & Persaud, S. (2009). UNHCR and response to statelessness. Forced Migration Review. 32. 7-11. UNHCR and other actors have stepped up efforts to address statelessness. However, the global impact of statelessness is not yet sufficiently understood and far more needs to be done In legal terms, being stateless means that no state considers … Continue reading UNHCR and response to statelessness

Combating Statelessness: a Government Perspective

Green, N. W. & Pierce, T. (2009). Combating Statelessness: a Government Perspective. Forced Migration Review. 32. 34-35. The US government believes that the prevention of statelessness and the protection of those who are stateless should be priorities for all governments.

Am I stateless because I am nomad?

Aukot, E. (2009).  Am I stateless because I am nomad?  Forced Migration Review. 32. 18

Kiribati-relocation and adaptation

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), sea-level rise is expected to threaten vital infrastructure and structures supporting the livelihood of many Pacific island communities. By the middle of the 21st century, climate change is expected to reduce their water supplies to the point where they become insufficient to meet demand in low … Continue reading Kiribati-relocation and adaptation

A global research agenda

Warner, K., & Laczko, F. (2008). A global research agenda. Forced Migration Review 31: 59-60.

No regrets

Kolmannskog, V.O. (2008). No regrets. Forced Migration Review 31: 46.  

Island evacuation

Islanders from Vanuatu and the Bay of Bengal have already been forced to move as a result of sea-level rise while many island communities in Alaska – in the face of fierce storms and rapid coastal erosion – are contemplating a move inland. Five main climate change-related factors, some interlinked, threaten the viability of living … Continue reading Island evacuation