New Scholars Network


The New Scholars Network is a group of scholars, practitioners and like-minded young persons focused on creating and encouraging a cooperative and helpful professional network for those working in the field of forced migration. This network is composed of those who seek to share their intellectual resources, advance their professional development, and promote connectivity between the early years of involvement and more long-term careers and service provision in the field.



Core members

  • Brittany Wheeler
    President, NSN
    Repatriation Specialist, Field Museum of Natural History
    Chicago, USA
  • Petra Molnar Diop
    Executive Committee Member, NSN
    JD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
    Toronto, Canada
  • Allison Magpayo
    Executive Committee Member, NSN
    MA candidate, Department of Geography, York University
    Toronto, Canada
  • Oana Petrica
    Communication and Partnership Officer, NSN
    PhD candidate, School of Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies, York University
    Toronto, Canada
  • Negin Dahya
    Web Content Editor, NSN
    PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, York University
    Toronto, Canada


  • Workshop, IASFM Conference, Bogotá, Colombia, July 2014.

  • Meeting, “New Scholars Network,” IASFM Conference, Kolkata, India, January 2013.

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