Annotated Bibliography on Nature-Society Relations In & Of International Borders

Dear RRN Members,

I hope this message finds you well. We have been working on an annotated bibliography on “Nature-Society Relations in and of International Borders” with a longer-term goal of producing a formal, peer-reviewed literature review on the subject. This project is part of a larger RRN Cluster on Environmental Displacement and has been generously funded by the RRN. It originated from a desire to place processes and theories of environmental displacement in a broader context, thematically, empirically, and theoretically, in order to better understand these processes and add greater theoretical rigor to their study.

You will find attached both a description of the annotated bibliography, including its structure and our rationales for pursuing this project (pp. 1-2) along with the annotated bibliography itself (pp. 3-24).

We hope this project proves useful to RRN members, particularly in extending our understanding of processes and theories of environmental displacement.

Our warmest wishes to all members of the RRN.

Elizabeth Lunstrum (Assistant Professor, Geography Dept., York University), and
Francis Massé (MA student, Geography Dept., York University)

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