Changing Roles, Shifting Risks: Livelihood Impacts of Disarmament in Karamoja, Uganda


The Feinstein International Center is pleased to release a new report on the Karamoja region of Uganda:
By Elizabeth Stites and Darlington Akabwai
Changing Roles, Shifting Risks is the result of the first phase of a partnership with Save the Children in Uganda.   Based on field work conducted in April 2009 in Moroto and Kotido Districts, the report examines the experiences and perceptions of communities of the present disarmament campaign carried out by the Uganda People’s Defence Force and the Government of Uganda.
We find that although individual experiences with disarmament have been largely negative, there is overwhelming support among local communities for an end goal of complete and uniform disarmament as a means of bringing peace and economic development.  At the same time, the current policies of disarmament have brought major changes to livelihood roles and responsibilities by gender and generation, and associated shifts in exposure to risk.  We examine the effects of disarmament on security, livestock management, peace processes, and food security and coping systems.  Recommendations are made to international and national actors for programming, policy-making and advocacy in the areas of livelihoods and engagement with disarmament processes.

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