Forced Migration Review 35: Disability and displacement

The English edition of FMR 35, with a major feature on Disability and displacement, is now online at

This latest issue includes 27 articles focusing on disability and displacement, including an introduction by Shuaib Chalklen, Special Rapporteur for Disability. These articles illustrate why disabled people who are displaced need particular consideration, and highlight some of the initiatives taken (locally and globally) to change thinking and practices so that their vulnerability is recognised, their voices heard – and responses made inclusive.

This issue also contains a mini-feature (of four articles) on Brazil and five general articles on accountability, mobility, reproductive health in Darfur, repatriation decision-making and protection in natural disasters.

It will be published in English, French, Arabic and Spanish, and the mini-feature on Brazil will also be available in Portuguese (thanks to UNHCR Brazil).

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Forthcoming issues of FMR will include features on:

  • DRC/Great Lakes
  • HIV/AIDS, security and conflict
  • Non-state actors
  • Communications and technology

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