Migration and Ethnic Studies, MSc


The Master’s programme in Migration and Ethnic Studies deals with the different forms, causes and consequences of international migration. It gives particular attention to:

  • the impact of globalisation,
  • the regulation of international migration by authorities at different levels,
  • the responses of international migrants to the changing opportunity structure.

This programme addresses issues of immigrant incorporation, assimilation and diversity in various social fields, including the labour market, education, politics and religion. It discusses the issues confronting Amsterdam and the Netherlands following the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh and the apparent rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and rigid assimilationist politics.

The programme offers students an interdisciplinary approach to major contemporary concerns regarding migration. The combination of empirical studies with theoretical reflection provides the intellectual tools and skills that students need to better analyse and deal with the complexities of migration in today’s world.

The Master’s programme in Migration and Ethnic Studies prepares students for doctoral study, further academic research and jobs in a variety of sectors, including advisory organisations, government institutions, non-governmental organisations and journalism.

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