MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

The interdisciplinary ten-month MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies will introduce you to key concepts, research and analysis in the economics, politics, sociology and anthropology of forced migration.

The Master’s degree offers an intellectually demanding route to understanding forced migration in contexts of conflict, repression, natural disasters, environmental change and development policy-making. The degree places forced migration in an historical, global and human perspective, and encourages informed reflection on international and national responses to both cross-border and internal displacement.

The Master’s degree aims to help you develop:

  • An understanding of the complex and varied nature of forced migration and refugee populations; of their centrality to global, regional and national processes of political, social and economic change; and of the needs and aspirations of forcibly displaced people themselves
  •  A broad understanding of the literature on forced migration and refugees
  • Original thinking and sound evaluative tools
  • The ability to plan, organise and carry out research on a group and individual basis into aspects of forced migration and refugee studies
  • The skills needed to transfer the theoretical knowledge of different types of forced migration

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