MSc Refugee and Migration Studies

What is forced migration? Why do people seek asylum? In what ways can policy and practice be improved to ease the plight of those who are the victims of state oppression and human rights abuses? The MSc in Refugee and Migration Studies is an exciting taught Master’s degree that is (subject to full and final approval by Senate)  taught by staff in the Department of Geography and Sociology – as well as experts in the Law School – at Strathclyde. During the course we attempt to sketch out some answers to these questions and a lot more. The MSc in Refugee and Migration Studies (Social Research) is one of a number of postgraduate courses in the Department of Geography and Sociology. The course offers students the best of both worlds – an innovative multidisciplinary perspective on issues relating to the refugee experience and European and international migration trends as well as a solid grounding in the key skills of social research. Upon successful completion of this MSc students will be able to use the skills training and research experience to benefit the work they do whether this is in the public, private or voluntary sector. The MSc is also a very useful starting point for a PhD in the area of refugee and migration studies.

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